Case :  e-Exam system & evaluation tools & communication platform



 eExam/eAnalytics (languages: English, Spanish, Finnish, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Swedish)

Potential usage:

1. Marketing surveys

2. Knowledge surveys and polls

3. Technical, economical, environmental, political etc. surveys

Evaluator is a browser based learning and remote test system. Evaluator application shared knowledge, using electronic surveys and questionnaires and collect feedback. Locales: Finnish, English.

The administrator shall establish records and series of questions. The questions may be essay questions or multiple choice questions, which may include images, web links, audio files and video files.

The defendant is studying or take the survey, either in name or open polls without ID.
The administrator shall inspect the essay questions and analyze responses, either directly or by using statistics.

Version 3.0 e-Exam system:

1) listening to audio files and video viewer.

2) You can create the tests (Question serie editor), There is also available answer module for students.

3) You can use the testing system with linking outside archive of visual material (phase: evaluation).

4) Document Management & exam editor (Search for results from the database). Multiple language versions.

5) Time limit, question generator (system randomly pick ups questions from basket)

6) Group and user management

You can control internet links, create a picture questions, multiple choice questios and essay questions with pictures. Statistics also are possible, allowing you to transfer transfer data to Excel.