Communication platform - Teams in my personal use.

Philosophy of software development: All in One

Experiences by using Teams Communication platform:

My tailormade Teams platform consists of meeting room with eExam & Moodle training environment and eOrganizer software.

Contacs platform  (Teams - ask time for potential remote meeting).

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The Teams room is webconference place, which can be used to organize consultations and trainings of time and place. The participants face each other in the video and audio through a common presentation in front. Easy to use floor to a reference system to facilitate the flow of the session.

You can use "Teams"  as a lecture room. The Teams lecture meeting can also be stored for later use. A recording can be regarded as Lecture function.

Presentation is a representation of the function in which the documents can be displayed to participants, and they can browse through them. Slideshow management can be transferred to anyone engaged in a session at any time. Combining Presentation tool, the tool can liven up the show. Visual documents are presented to the Microsoft Office files (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), Libre Office files (Impress, Write, Calc), PDF and RTF files, as well as the most common image files (JPG, GIF, and PNG).

Chat is a chat function that allows each lecture or a conference participant may submit questions or comments.

eOrganizer as memopad of the notes, which enables secretary of the meeting.The note may be granted to anyone of any participant, and it is easy to save for later use.

Screensharing function can be used to display and guide you from your desktop to whatever program or file any session participants. The function also works with two monitors.